Laughing TOGETHER with Fabric.....

I MADE A NEW DAMARA WIG ?? ? ?? ? ? ?

we have like millions of black wigs for this occasion lol.  But I didn’t like my previous one.

I also made the chopsticks for damara from some wire and friendly plastic, and the tiaratop from wonderflex!  



i still need to attach the horns to and trim the shit out of this wig but I think the glasses turned out pretty well!!

yeah that’s a tim hortons shirt wanna fight me


Not quite doe, but almost there!  just need to do some finishing touches.

please ignore the weird filmy shit on my mirror, it’s from crying on it while tryin to put contacts in.

So I guess Im done sewing my gt Meenah

So I guess Im done sewing my gt Meenah

hi i rly like your crockertier progress uwu i was wondering tho where did you get your contacts?

thank you!!

I got my scleras at colouryoureyes. I can’t say for sure if they’re great or comfortable because I’ve never worn lenses before, but they do accept paypal so at least I know they aren’t doing anything funny.

I think they’re only $91 USD ??

First 3 - after

last 3 - before

My damara wig!  

I’m using this caulking method or something

where you get bits of hair at the time and then tie it up with a rubber band, then glue it secure with strong glue (gorilla glue in this case)  repeat like 500 times.

When we were pulling it into a pony tail it was too tightly bound so it didn’t fit at all.  so we had to cut the hair to free the elastic ad put more hair on top..  

then it was too thick and sitll too small so today we added more wefts on the outside and thinned out the ponytail.  

I only used one wig and 3 to four extra wefts on top of that!!   I found a gr8 store with lots of nice quality wig hair in each wig uvu

My progress on crocker tier Jane so far.  I just need to do the crown and I’m “technically” done.

Holy crap, so TOTALLY creepy sounding, but I was just searching through the tags and I saw your picture, the one with the one long sleeve black cosplay sewing project? its SUPER flattering. Great job!

Wow, thank you very much!!  I’m glad you think it’s looking good… uwu

Found some shoes for Meenah that are almost the exact colour as my fef shoes (hell yeah)

Found some shoes for Meenah that are almost the exact colour as my fef shoes (hell yeah)